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tl_files/screenshots/SMARTCRM 16.1/smartcrm_login.jpgtl_files/screenshots/Rundgang 14.1/smartcrm-log-in.png Make a small tour of the CRM system SMARTCRM and its various modules.



In the basic version, SMARTCRM covers all topics that you need for the introduction of a systematic CRM.

The SMART Board, the start screen of the CRM system gives you an immediate overview of all the important information thanks to its customizable overviews and diagrams and provides an ideal introduction to all modules and masks.

The customer file contains extensive address and contact information and is linked to further information – as for instance activities, tasks, etc. So, all data concerning the address are accessible.

With the complete activity history, all customer activities as well as further information as type (i.e. phone call, fax, visit…), contacts, linked documents and follow-ups are traceable at any time. Linking the activity to any number of editors, contacts and addresses is possible.

To achieve best clarity, activities can be combined into conversations.

The Personal Information Manager (PIM) manages your appointments, tasks and information. Thanks to the day, week and appointment schedules, you have your own appointments as well as those of your colleagues at a glance. The linked addresses, contacts, activities, documents etc.are linked to the appointments, tasks or information and immediately callable.

Plan, manage and analyze your complete marketing and sales campaigns.

Select always the right target group for your marketing campaigns using extensive filter functions, create mailing letters und send mailings directly from SMARTCRM.

With the Tours planning, you can easily plan and document field service appointments for sales and service staff. All the necessary steps for an optimal visit planning – from the selection of addresses via the creation of appointments to the documentation of the visit – are completed in no time. Using the overviews, SMARTCRM guarantees at all times to keep track of the driven tour.



Store information about competitive products and evaluate the competitive situation per customer, competitor or product level.



With SMARTCRM you have at your fingertips all the important facts and precise daily actual comparisons at a glance - using the drill-down function to the item level.



Store your budget figures in SMARTCRM. This allows you to react in time when the sales figures do not develop as desired.



Set in SMARTCRM targets for each employee and display precise daily actual comparisons. Additionally, you see which customers provide for more turnovers.



At a glance, you can see the entire processes of a project. If it concerns a quotation for instance, all related positions are listed in the in the lower part of the mask.

With a few clicks, you add product position in a project process, assign the position to the quotation blocks and give the discounts.



SMARTCRM offers a complete machine files. For instance you plan to relocate the machine, schedule service appointment or control the consolidation.

Store all the important information about a machine in SMARTCRM. Thus, a complete history is available for you at any time.



Store all important information about a complaint. Additionally, all linked addresses, activities, tasks etc… are visible with a click.



Store problem and solution descriptions in the knowledge database. Thus, complaints or questions can be answered and completed quickly.



SMARTCRM.GeoMap combines the area search in SMARTCRM, the automatic geocoding as well as the visualization of addresses on a map. Destinations for the field service staff can be summarized according to any criteria and transferred on a map of the online map service Bing Maps to visualize and optimize the travel route.



Regardless of the mobile device on which you want to visualize or manage your CRM information: with the new SMARTCRM. App, the most important information is always available. Current data from the company is available at any time over an online synchronization with the SMARTCRM server that you use in your CRM processes – both on iOS and on Android devices.



With SMARTCRM.Web, you always have all the important data via online access and manage your CRM information conveniently over your browser. For example, you can access your address and contact data as well as the complete activity history at any time. Of course, you also keep an eye on all the information relevant to the sales and the key business figures at all times.


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