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10 reasons why you should choose SMARTCRM

  1. We have more than 20 years' CRM experience. The SMARTCRM GmbH has developed CRM software since 1992. We have the competence and experience of two decades and numerous CRM projects.
  2. We know what we are talking about. Since we do not only sell SMARTCRM but we have developed it. Thus, as SMARTCRM customer you are always in direct communication with the manufacturer.
  3. With us, you are at eye-level. We not only develop software for small and medium sized companies, but we are one of them and so are perfectly aware of the needs of SMEs.
  4. We know exactly how to support industry and trade. As we have set our focus on these two sectors and have orientated completely SMARTCRM to it.
  5. We live CRM. In our daily work, we use our own CRM system. Each of our employees work with SMARTCRM, so you can rely on SMARTCRM for optimal user-friendliness.
  6. We listen to you. In a workshop, we work out together your requirements and needs for the CRM system. And if, afterwards, you still have questions, our team is available to you at any time. Because we do care for our customers even after the installation.
  7. We and our software are flexible. We adapt the CRM system completely to your requirements. So SMARTCRM supports optimally your corporate processes.
  8. We look outside the box. With SMARTCRM, you support not only one department. SMARTCRM optimize your processes in the whole company – from sales and marketing to service. Because CRM affects the whole enterprise.
  9. We offer you what you really need. Since SMARTCRM has a modular design and is so highly flexible. You can expand your CRM system gradually – whenever new needs arise.
  10. We are open. Also for other systems. So we offer you interface to numerous ERP and DMS systems. These allow a central database and prevent duplicate data maintenance.