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SMARTCRM Cooperation Partners

Our partners are open to new ideas and share our connection to the world of customer relationship management. At the same time, they enrich the partnership by their special abilities and characteristics. This allows us to overcome barriers together and open up new markets.

abas Software AG

Since June 2000, SMARTCRM GmbH has worked together with abas Software AG as well as numerous distributors of the company. The core competence of abas Software AG is the development of flexible ERP and ebusiness software for SMEs. The connection between SMARTCRM and abas Business Suite ensures that customer information and merchandise management data are currently available in an application. SMARTCRM supplements the abas Business Software with a focus on customers and prospects. So far, about 90 common installations were carried out.

More than 2100 customers opted for abas as IT specialist and for the integrated abas Business Suite. In Karlsruhe, abas employs 115 staff members, together with the over 50 abas partners worldwide, about 600 employees work for abas. In customer service, abas Software AG has established a worldwide partner network of qualified IT organization / application consultants from over 50 partners in more than 30 countries. The abas Business Suite (ERP, MRP, eBusiness) is flexible, adaptable and with a guaranteed future. The company’s software is currently available in 28 languages. Possible platforms are Linux, Unix and Windows.


abas Informationssysteme GmbH

The abas Informationssysteme GmbH founded in August 1993 has its headquarters in Uhingen and offices in Ulm, Ravensburg, Heilbronn and Kaufbeuren, where the Kaufbeuren branch is as abas Innovation GmbH a 100 % independent subsidiary of abas Informationssysteme GmbH. The company is a partner of abas Software AG in Karlsruhe and a permanent part of the abas group of companies with over 550 IT/organization/application consultants and more than 2000 customers worldwide. The competence of abas Information Systems GmbH is simple and focused on creating value and consistently and efficiency-oriented realization of IT projects in the ERP market. The abas ERP business software for trading and manufacturing companies with an integrated web portal and available web store is the software platform. More than 130 abas customers are supported regionally and directly from the sites in Uhingen, Ulm, Heilbronn, Kaufbeuren and Ravensburg. Therefore, more than 50 employees work in these offices.

www.abas-is.de (German only)

abas system gmbh

The abas system GmbH is specialized in targeted and consequent on the value added process-oriented IT solutions. The abas business software (ERP, PPS, MRP, eBusiness) forms a software platform and offer SMEs a complete solution. The design, implementation, long-term service, corporate organization and reorganization support and integration of peripheral solutions are the key elements. A company’s decision for an integrated IT solution is the chance not only to improve its IT processes, but also to optimize the execution of its business processes in an effective and transparent way. In this regard, we do support our customers.

www.abas-system.de (German only)


HABEL is a leader in the field of document management with an international focus and worldwide installations. Our highly specialized staff works closely with our customers to develop innovating solution for archiving, managing documents, improving workflow and interpreting documents. Due to our large experience in diverse industries, our customers can benefit of our comprehensive knowledge of specific processes in various sectors. HABEL solutions offer an unlimited practicality and a flexible configuration to fit individual business needs. HABEL guarantees the highest degree of functionality and security of investment and therefore differs significantly from comparable products. Flexibility, competence and reliability are the corporate values of HABEL.

www.habel.de (German only)

Humpert + Kneer Datensysteme GmbH

Since 2008, SMARTCRM GmbH has worked together with Humpert & Kneer Datensysteme GmbH in the field of implementation of compliance policies. The EU anti-terror regulations forbid all companies to provide economics benefits to people or companies listed on official blacklists. The review of customer, supplier and employee master data is performed and recorded on a regular basis according to the legislator with current blacklists. In cooperation with Humpert & Kneer Datensysteme GmbH, SMARTCRM GmbH offers “security gold” for pre-configured SMARTCRM software, with which the address data bank can be checked by SMARTCRM.

www.huko.de (German only)

Inxmail GmbH

Inxmail Professional is the innovative and proven SaaS solution for the professional E-Mail marketer. Globally, thousands of companies of all sizes benefit from the use of Inxmail’s technology that has been developed in Germany over the past 15 years. As a longstanding industry expert in digital marketing, we support our clients with a powerful and unmatched level of service.

Client focused, we listen to our customers to ensure we have the latest and greatest technology in the market. To prove this, we have identified the current global consumer trend in E-Mail marketing to be that more and more E-Mails get read on mobile devices. That is why Inxmail has simplified the process of getting e-mails perfectly displayed on mobile devices to better drive your business results.

Our partner client base is a testament to the success of the Inxmail Professional E-Mail marketing solution and corresponding service delivery.


UB-Software GmbH

The Software Company UB-Software was founded in 1993 by CEO Uwe Bader. UB-Software in-house software Majesty® focuses on development, support and sales. The ERP system MAJESTY contains solutions for all business relevant processes within a company. Numerous standard connections and additional solutions round off the extensive scope of service. The modular design allows you to compile functions according to your needs. With 24 employees at its Spaichingen location, UB Software not only offers a software, but all services that belong to successful implementation and smooth operation of the software. This is in addition to implementation consulting, training, on-site support and hot line also business advice for the optimization of company processes.

www.ub-software.de (German only)

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses of all sizes and industries to help develop their full potential. Safety and regularity, innovation and integration, openness and interoperability are the focus of the development of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Germany is the third largest foreign subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. It is responsible for marketing and sales of products in Germany and cooperates with some 30.000 local partner companies. Besides its headquarters in Unterschleißheim near Munich, Microsoft Germany is represented by six offices nationwide. In addition, in May 2003, the first “European Microsoft Innovation center” (EMIC) opened in Aachen.