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SMARTCRM – the universal CRM

SMARTCRM is the CRM system for retail and industry, the CRM system for sales, marketing and service, the CRM system for internal and field sales, the CRM system for analyses and planning, the CRM system for information and dialog.

SMARTCRM is universal CRM – because CRM only works as a process that incorporates the entire company.

SMARTCRM has a modular structure. Building on a basic module for the most important basic functions – address management, document management, promotions management, documentation of activities – you can deploy different modules and interfaces for CRM-related tasks specifically in all areas of the company.

In this architectural and functional context, SMARTCRM grows to accommodate all your demands. As a result, you not only gain superlative flexibility in customer management, but also the security of being able to always invest appropriately in CRM, because SMARTCRM is only ever as much CRM as you really need.