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The interface between SMARTCRM and abas-ERP enables the central use of sales and purchase-relative data: master data of customers, prospects and products, current figures for sales and order volumes, temporary valid information on discount actions, etc… These data are the basis for a full panoramic view for all customers and planning related issues. SMARTCRM accesses the data available in the ERP system and connects them with the relevant customer or prospect data. Thus the field service and the office associates see the current sales revenue and sales trends and can react accordingly to changes. Since the data are maintained centrally, each in their usual environment, duplication of efforts is dropped.

With SMARTCRM.ERP.abas, you combine the powerful features of both systems. Any data can be read from the abas-ERP and write back using the configurable and customizable EDP interface, such as:

  • Clients
  • Addresses
  • Person in charge
  • Product master data
  • Quotation and order positions
  • Sales and contribution margin
  • Order on hands, incoming orders
  • Open item
  • Any individual tables, e.g., conditions, discounted prices
  • Multi-currency capabilities

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SMARTCRM and abas

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Since 2000, we have cooperated closely with the abas Software AG and could steadily develop our experience in over 90 common installations. The interface between SMARTCRM and abas Business Suite enables the availability of current customer information and enterprise resource planning data in one system. SMARTCRM supplements abas ERP with a targeted focus on customer‘s and prospect‘s relationships.