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SMARTCRM – flexible CRM that suits you

The more flexible your CRM processes are, the more successful they are.
The more flexible your CRM software is, the more successful the CRM processes are.

That is why, with SMARTCRM, you also stay as flexible as possible:

  • In terms of function
  • In terms of connectivity to third-party systems
  • In terms of configuration
  • In terms of expansion

SMARTCRM is simple. Simple in all aspects of maximized CRM.

SMARTCRM – flexible at a glance

  • As much CRM as you need: SMARTCRM is modular
    With SMARTCRM, you buy the modules you actually need: in sales, in marketing, in service, for CRM throughout the entire company. Consequently, you are always investing in CRM in line with your actual needs. Expansions are possible at any time.
  • As much individuality as you want: SMARTCRM adapts
    However your company's situation develops: SMARTCRM adapts. Whether it be the mapping of your CRM processes or the software interface. And these adaptations remain in place even when a new release comes out.
  • As much integration as you need: SMARTCRM brings information together
    Specialist interfaces allow SMARTCRM to integrate goods management/ERP systems as well as office, communications and archiving solutions into a single solution. This makes SMARTCRM your central pool of knowledge, which you can tap into in its entirety for your customer relationships.
  • As much trust as possible: SMARTCRM protects information
    SMARTCRM uses a sophisticated permissions assignment system. You can define in detail which employees are allowed to see or edit which data records. Corresponding modifications are logged and remain auditable at all times.
  • As much convenience as you could wish for: SMARTCRM is easy to maintain
    SMARTCRM is particularly simple to administer. Take the distribution of updates, for example. This process takes place automatically and requires no extra effort, even with notebook installations.
  • As much freedom as you could imagine: SMARTCRM is universal
    From place to place: SMARTCRM is client-enabled. Different locations always access the same, standardized set of data. Even from the home office via VPN. Appointments can be synchronized via Microsoft® Exchange Server on the smartphone. And even if there is no constant Internet connection (e.g. in production environments), the offline version of SMARTCRM still gives you access to all the key data you need.
  • As much understanding as possible: SMARTCRM is multi-lingual
    With SMARTCRM, you understand CRM – and in this case, we mean literally: The system is available in the standard language versions of German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, but is also used in a variety of other languages. You can also freely adapt all the language entries in a translation table.

SMARTCRM – simply flexible licensing

SMARTCRM is maximum freedom at work – and of course maximum flexibility when it comes to licensing, too.

CRM is a process that involves many parts of a company, is constantly evolving and generally needs to respond very quickly to changed conditions. As a result, we essentially provide SMARTCRM as a concurrent user licensing model.

In other words, the license stores the maximum number of users that are allowed to access a particular resource at any one time – regardless of where they do it from. These don't always have to be the same people either, which gives you plenty of opportunities to design your CRM processes in SMARTCRM with maximum flexibility and implement them with the most suitable teams.