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Target agreement

To act specifically and to be able to plan in the sales activities, it makes sense to define target agreements for each employee or team. These may include, for instance, turnover, number of visits or of first contacts. If a CRM system provides such functionality, the defined targets can be deposited there and the current intermediate result of target achievement can be reviewed. Should a sales target not develop as expected, the affected employee is warned in time and can take countermeasures accordingly, e.g. through customer phone calls, visits or marketing campaigns. Other possible functions are positive and negative lists that show employees which customer sales are above or below expectations. So, the sales staff identifies early trend changes to which the buying behavior of customers changes.

Target agreements can be used for individual employees, teams or the entire company. Personal targets per sales representative cover, for example, the required new customer visits, the demanded sales volume or contribution margin as well as the number of desired phone calls.

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