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Simply MORE – in service

What is the real reason why your customers remain loyal to you? The quality of your products and services? Agreeable terms of payment? Short delivery times?

Or is it the great feeling of being more to you than just an entry in a database and a recipient of a newsletter?

Traditional ties to brands and companies are breaking, markets and offers are nowadays completely transparent and alternatives are readily available. So it is all the more important that your service and support departments perform brilliantly – after all it is here, through direct contact, that the balance is swung in favor of making your customers stay loyal to you.

CRM software has a vital role to play in this. It very much determines the quality of your advice and support.

Your customers expect a lot – and with CRM you always need to do a little bit more to meet those expectations.

SMARTCRM gives you that "more".

  • Transparent mapping of ongoing contracts, current product purchases, etc.
  • Seamless contact history
  • Flagging up of potential for cross/up-selling
  • Communication medium between field and internal sales services

With SMARTCRM, you are simply closer to your goal. Because you always know what needs to be done.

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