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SMARTCRM – interfaces

SMARTCRM provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers. No matter where the information you need is stored, or at which point in the company you operate: It's all available to you.

  • Interfaces to the ERP or DMS system allow SMARTCRM to integrate seamlessly into your existing system environment and to guarantee a seamless flow of data.
  • SMARTCRM brings together data from various sources and provides a standardized information basis that can be used anywhere.
  • SMARTCRM also provides all customer-related data to the field sales team, creating maximum independence.

Interface to ERP systems

You can connect SMARTCRM to any ERP system that offers the option of data export.

You can connect SMARTCRM to any ERP system that offers the option of data export. We will configure the appropriate interface precisely to suit your needs. This interface will enable you to exchange all the key data between the systems, with the assignment of permissions defining precisely who can see which data:

  • Addresses, contacts
  • Articles, equipment
  • Sales, profit margins, special prices
  • Quotes, orders received/on hand, outstanding items

If a customer's status in the CRM process changes, for example if a quote becomes a confirmed order, SMARTCRM passes this information on automatically to the ERP system. Consequently, only one set of data has to be updated and you can be sure that all analyses are based on the latest figures.

At the present time, the following ERP interfaces are available for SMARTCRM: abas Business Software, Infor, Microsoft® Dynamics® Nav, Microsoft® Dynamics® AX, proALPHA, PSIPenta, SAP R/3, APplus, MAJESTY and many more.

Click here for detailed information on SMARTCRM.ERP.


Pre-configured ERP interfaces

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SMARTCRM and abas Business Suite
Are you an abas-user? We have developed SMARTCRM.ERP.abas especially for abas-Business-Software
Find out more here …
tl_files/logos parter/smartcrm-sst-infor.png SMARTCRM and Infor
Learn more about SMARTCRM.ERP.Infor here ...
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You use MAJESTY ERP system? Then, SMARTCRM.ERP.MAJESTY is interesting for you. Read more.
tl_files/logos parter/smartcrm-proalpha-logo.jpg SMARTCRM and abas-Business-Software
Are you an proALPHA-user? Learn more about SMARTCRM.ERP.proALPHA here ...

Your interface is not listed? Please contact us!

CTI link

The CTI link is also part of the basic SMARTCRM package. In association with a TAPI-enabled telephone, you can use many useful CRM-related functions from the moment the call comes in:

  • Caller ID recognition if stored in the system
  • Clear arrangement of caller data, e.g. name and company
  • Change in the company data record
  • Creation of a telephone message and dispatch to other employees
  • Jump to the customer file to display the activity history

On this basis, SMARTCRM ensures maximum information with every external telephone contact, creating the ideal platform for flexible, expert and targeted advice.

Interface to document management systems (DMS)

We have already integrated our own document management system into SMARTCRM. It allows you to

  • Link documents to customers and projects
  • Arrange documents by category
  • Create templates
  • Generate standard letters

SMARTCRM can also be linked to third-party DMS systems. With SMARTCRM, you can initiate the various processes for editing, producing and managing documents directly from the CRM workflows.
A pre-configured interface is available for the Habel DMS system.

Interface to Microsoft® Office

Even the standard version of SMARTCRM features a connection to Microsoft® Office. You can work as you would normally – assuming you already have a license for Microsoft® Office – and store files in Word®, Excel® or PowerPoint® directly in SMARTCRM.

Document templates can be stored in a central directory and made available to everyone, which ensures that format and layouts are used in a standardized manner.

By allocating key words and categories, you maintain a constant overview of all the Office documents you have stored in SMARTCRM.

Automated address verification

The address is correct – but is everything right about the address? With SMARTCRM, you can answer this question quickly and easily. In cooperation with Humpert & Kneer Datensysteme GmbH, we can provide you with the pre-configured "security gold" software. It enables you to comprehensively verify your SMARTCRM address database:

  • Complete comparison with various block lists, e.g. UNO, EU Commission, Bank of England, OFAC/SDN, Swiss SECO list
  • Download of lists at configurable intervals
  • Fine tuning for hit recognition ("level of sensitivity")
  • Verification of other databases via ODBC access
  • Detailed logging
  • German/English user interface