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The CRM software that adapts everywhere

For some it's a piece of software – for other's is the most important process there is. Scarcely any other IT-related issue has as many facets, and scarcely any other IT-related issue affects all of a company's workflows so directly.

With SMARTCRM, your CRM project is and remains planable. After almost 20 years of CRM experience in the SME sector – we have focused exclusively on this sector since the very start – we know our customers' requirements and workflows precisely and we also know how important it is to gain acceptance of a CRM system as early as possible.

You provide the rules – we find the right CRM strategy and implement it so that everyone is "on board" right from the get-go.

SMARTCRM – the CRM software for the SME sector

In SMARTCRM, we have mapped what we ourselves are and what we understand best: the SME sector.

There is no one SME sector, but there are a few hallmark features with regard to IT that are very characteristic of SME sector companies in general:

  • SME sector companies want to grow and they want IT solutions that follow them through every phase of their growth.
  • A company from the SME sector needs IT solutions that are planned with practicality in mind and which can be introduced quickly in parallel to the company's operational business.
  • For IT projects, SME sector companies need to be able to rely on budgets being adhered to and on security for their investment.
  • In companies from the SME sector, processes and workflows have often "grown" over the course of years. New IT solutions are supposed to make them more efficient, but they should never make them redundant.

Now, simply think about SMARTCRM for each of these points, and you will realize why our CRM solution

  • Has a modular structure
  • Clearly defines and precisely maps workflows from sales, marketing, service/support etc.
  • Can be individually expanded
  • Harmonizes seamlessly with other systems (ERP, DMS, accounting, etc.)

And there is another feature of SMARTCRM that matches the needs of the SME sector perfectly: the strong focus on sales. This doesn't just mean the employees who belong to that department, but rather all of the sections that derive decisions from figures and analyses that have a long-term influence on the company's direction and therefore also shape the strategy for addressing target groups.

SMARTCRM is therefore more than just a solution that takes you and keeps you closer to the customer.

SMARTCRM is a versatile tool that helps you markedly improve your position in the competition. Every day.

Want to introduce CRM software to your business?  Successful CRM has a method, and so does the introduction of SMARTCRM.