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The CRM software for retail

Whether classic retailers or online wholesalers: the competitive climate in the retail sector is getting tougher. When margins are being eroded and products are becoming more and more interchangeable, every customer counts twice as much. In other words, this means giving even better advice, providing even faster deliveries – and simply being closer. That is because, for customers, the next alternative is only a price comparison away.

SMARTCRM for maximum transparency and closeness to the customer

With SMARTCRM, you bring maximum transparency to your CRM strategy and create the closeness to your customers that you need to ensure they stay your customers:

  • SMARTCRM means selling via the shortest route
    The shortest route to your customer is via the shortest routes in your company. With SMARTCRM, you can coordinate all of the internal and field sales team's activities and between locations, plan customer appointments from the best "logistical" perspective and respond immediately to changes in conditions as soon as they occur. With SMARTCRM, you are no longer asking how and where information is available, but rather what you can do with it. This is because the latest data for all aspects of the CRM process is maintained centrally. Always.

  • SMARTCRM means personal support at every point
    Customers who feel well looked after have no reason to go elsewhere. With SMARTCRM, you convey this feeling with conviction. For example if the customer calls, you are provided with the relevant information on the customer's history automatically, allowing you to provide targeted advice straight away. Or when the recipients of your mailshots get the impression that you really know your target groups. Or if you don't leave a caller hanging in a queue, but instead direct him straight away to the right department. All this you can do, because with SMARTCRM, you always know everything.

  • SMARTCRM means making decisions faster
    Products and manufacturers, quotes and orders. CRM is all about the right connections. It's about following up processes. It's about being able to know about everything and really knowing what's going on in a worst-case scenario. SMARTCRM gives you this guarantee. SMARTCRM bundles all of the knowledge in your company you need for customer management. As a result, "raw" figures become informative trends, customer numbers become people, competitive activities become your own strategies. SMARTCRM is the basis on which you can simply make your decisions faster.