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CRM in purchasing

For truly efficient purchasing processes and successful business relationships, you need to know your suppliers. SMARTCRM has functions for supplier relationship management (SRM), supporting every single step in the procurement process – from the selection of suppliers and supplier contact to long-term strategic purchasing planning.

SMARTCRM allows you to make full use of valuable potential savings and creates transparency:

  • Management of supplier addresses including detailed classification options
  • Selection of precisely the suppliers that match your requirements
  • Standard letters/mass e-mails: Simple approach of multiple suppliers, e.g. to obtain quotes
  • Automatic generation of tasks, e.g. for follow-up campaigns
  • Seamless history of communication with suppliers, e.g. e-mails, telephone calls or documents (quotes, orders, etc.)
  • Up-to-date overview of the entire payment trail relating to the purchase, e.g. orders, incoming invoices and outstanding items (an interface to an ERP system is needed for this)

With the SRM functions of SMARTCRM, you can constantly maintain an overview of your suppliers and rely on automated, standard processes. This makes SMARTCRM the ideal platform for successful, long-term supplier relationships.

SMARTCRM is simply more CRM – in purchasing.