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SMARTCRM – in marketing

CRM in marketing is the right action and reaction at exactly the right time: the casual mention of forthcoming discount promotions in the order confirmation, the humorous, personalized e-mail, the unobtrusive follow-up on the telephone. CRM in marketing is the promotion of customer loyalty with maximum creativity and originality.

SMARTCRM offers everything you need:

  • An approach suitable for the target group: Categorization of customers and precise documentation, e.g. of order history/preferences, previous contacts, feedback, etc.
  • Detailed search and selection functions: e.g. for customers who have generated certain levels of sales or for people who hold a particular role in the customer's firm. This minimizes scatter losses.
  • Campaign management, standard letters/mass e-mails: general and personalized templates, automatic follow-up, success mapping
  • Creation/management of mailing lists: Linking to shipping of product announcements, newsletters, etc.

With SMARTCRM, you always ask the right questions and get the right answers. With SMARTCRM, you can target the customers' needs and pre-empt them.

SMARTCRM is simply more CRM – in marketing