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The CRM software for manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing companies are successful on their markets if they offer good products and constantly optimize their processes. With regard to CRM in manufacturing, the goal is primarily to think in perspective. It's about providing customers with convincing arguments and forming a long-term bond with industry partners when it comes to purchasing products and services: from the quote to the after-sales support.

SMARTCRM for permanently good business relationships

With SMARTCRM, you can provide your customers with all the arguments you need to create stable, long-term bonds:

  • SMARTCRM means quality assurance at every level
    The more complex products are, the more closely customers examine the quality and competence of your service and support department. In this case, customer management automatically means knowledge management. With SMARTCRM, you are perfectly equipped for such situations. All points in the company tap into a standardized pool of expertise. Various options for categorizing, linking and assigning documents and files ensure you have all the information you require instantly at hand: on customers, procedures and products. Consequently, you can always give expert advice and safeguard quality where it counts most: in direct customer contact.
  • SMARTCRM means complete information under any conditions
    Even in today's fully networked world, there are still "offline islands". In sensitive production environments, for example, behind thick walls. In industry in particular, this is where a lot of customer contact takes place, e.g. for the maintenance of machinery. With SMARTCRM, you stay online even when you need to be offline. "Online" here means being constantly informed, because you can still work with the system's full range of functions: Create visit logs, agree follow-up appointments, enter orders. The entries are then uploaded immediately to the central SMARTCRM database as soon as you go back online.
  • SMARTCRM means collaboration that is understood everywhere
    Even SME-sector industrial companies develop and produce their goods at multiple locations nowadays, involve external partners and exchange data across linguistic borders and time zones. Accordingly, customer management is becoming more and more global, which however does not change the fact that all the information required must be available right where it is needed at that very moment. SMARTCRM means flows of data without barriers. The software is available in various language versions: technical expressions can also be managed on an individual basis in a translation table. Special interfaces allow SMARTCRM to also "understand" ERP and DMS systems, from where or to which information can be imported or exported directly.