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SMARTCRM – in business management

CRM in business management means making far-reaching decisions. The CRM function for management produces an accurate picture of the company's capacity: How quickly and how well will we manage to supply the market and our customers with the best possible quality? CRM is a central controlling instrument. It is the indispensable early-warning system for risk factors that can jeopardize the project success being striven for.

SMARTCRM is all this in one:

  • Up-to-date overview of all the outstanding tasks across the entire company
  • Comprehensive mapping of all the latest figures and forecasts in different views, e.g. by project, article, employee or customer
  • Comprehensive project management with precise documentation and evaluation of individual project phases
  • Early warning and alert systems when deadline delays and changes to internal/external framework conditions threaten to throw project or sales targets off course

With SMARTCRM, you gain the foundations for realistic expectations on your part and on the part of your customers. The foundations for maximum success via the best possible route. The foundations for leeway that opens up new dimensions of room to maneuver: against the competition and in the recruitment of new target groups.

SMARTCRM is simply more CRM – in business management.