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CRM implementation

Successful CRM has a method – and so does the implementation of SMARTCRM. With almost 20 years of experience on the market, we have developed and established a process that has proven to be successful on all our CRM projects. It is a process that follows a clear method, but which always remains flexible enough to accommodate individual requirements.

These are the most important features of our method for introducing SMARTCRM to your company:

  • Launch workshop: Definition of organizational/process-related workflows, evaluation of the existing IT environment
  • Communication of the core message: "CRM isn't just software. It's a corporate philosophy." This creates widespread acceptance of the project from the start and encourages subsequent system use.
  • Tailored, personalized software concept with layout and defined workflows
  • Close, partnership-style collaboration during every project phase from the moment the order is confirmed
  • Professional training courses
  • Ongoing support, e.g. addition of functions to SMARTCRM after it goes live

SMARTCRM – how the introduction works

The introductory process for SMARTCRM is divided up into seven phases. In our experience, this approach has been very successful and ensures that CRM projects are clearly structured and remain transparent at all times.

  • Phase 1: The workshop
    Every CRM project begins with an in-depth workshop. Here, we discuss with you what support you need for CRM and how SMARTCRM can give you this support. At the end of the workshop, there will be a requirements profile for all of the software customizations that will be put in place to reflect your actual needs: masks, analyses, interfaces, etc. A precise timetable will be drawn up for the entire project.
  • Phase 2: The configuration
    During this phase of the project, we adapt SMARTCRM to the requirements defined in the workshop and program the interfaces that allow SMARTCRM to work with your ERP system.
  • Phase 3: Pilot operation
    Now things slowly get more serious: We install a pilot version of your SMARTCRM containing real data in your company and train pilot users so that they can put the system through its paces.
  • Phase 4: The installation
    Once you have given us in-depth feedback about the pilot operation phase, we take care of any "fine-tuning" needed on your SMARTCRM, making any adjustments as necessary. We then connect the system to your network, to your sales offices, to your field sales team employees' notebooks and anywhere you want to work with this software.
  • Phase 5: Training
    In training courses that are geared precisely to your needs, we show your users and administrators how to work with SMARTCRM or what they need to know when it comes to system administration. You can choose whether you want the training courses to be delivered at your premises or at ours. You will find more information and details of forthcoming dates here.
  • Phase 6: Live operation
    Everything's ready: Anywhere you need to use CRM-related workflows, you can now do so every day with SMARTCRM. We stay by your side even during this phase, allowing us to respond immediately to your users' initial experiences.
  • Phase 7: Ongoing support
    Even if SMARTCRM becomes an integral part of your everyday customer management processes, we can still offer you further support. We can specifically develop the system and include new functions that serve your needs, for example. We offer maintenance agreements and hotline services as part of this. Information events and further training courses, for example for new employees or new software versions, add the finishing touch to our portfolio.