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SMARTCRM – throughout the entire company

CRM means knowing the answer. Being immediately in the picture about who you are dealing with. This only works if exactly the same, updated information is available everywhere in the company. And if the CRM software prepares this information so that everyone involved can use it to best effect for their job.

SMARTCRM creates and manages an enterprise-wide, standardized information platform:

  • Address management: Central storage and updating of contact data, directly linked to the relevant customer history
  • Document management: Central storage in the system, all employees always access the same version update
  • Appointment and task management: Accessible for every team and every department
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration): e.g. caller ID recognition and direct display of the relevant customer data

With SMARTCRM, you are always fully prepared for each customer contact. With SMARTCRM, you always know immediately which part of the company can provide the best possible support.

SMARTCRM is simply more CRM – throughout the entire company.